Amidu drops fresh hints on John Mahama’s involvement in fraudulent Airbus scandal


The Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu has insisted on the culpability of former President John Dramani Mahama the controversial Airbus bribery scandal.

Mr. Amidu has also challenged the former President to voluntarily submit himself to be interrogated over the case.

In a response to Mr. Mahama’s recent outburst where he labeled the Special Prosecutor as a coward by deferring investigations into the controversial Airbus bribery scandal.

Mr Mahama had questioned the inclusion of Airbus scandal investigations in the Special Prosecutors’ findings on the Agyapa Royalties agreement.

A press release issued by the Office Of Special Prosecutor however defends the inclusion of the Airbus issue in the Agyapa report and insisted that the NDC Presidential Candidate is Government Official 1.

He further accuses the former President of guaranteeing the passport application of his brother Samuel Adam Mahama despite knowing very well he had not attended the University of Ghana as claimed.

“The evidence gathered in the case of the Republic v Samuel Adam Mahama & Others points to one nd only one person as Government Official 1, His Excellency former President John Dramani Mahama, the former Vice President of Ghana, is the elected Government Official 1”.

“The evidence discloses that John Mahama described as Former President, of Plot Number 6 North Street Tesano, P.O. Box AN 104, Accra was the first guarantor with Alfred Abdulai Mahama falsely described as a CIVIL SERVANT also of Plot No. 6 North Street Tesano, P.O. Box 104, Accra as the second guarantor to the application of Samuel Adam Mahama described as PROJECT MANAGER also of Plot No. 6 North Street Tesano, P.O. Box 104, Accra for a Ghanaian passport”.

The Special Prosecutor revealed that the former President and his elder brother Alfred Abdulai Mahama clandestinely guaranteed a passport application for Samuel Adam Mahama  though they knew the information on it were false.

“Former President John Mahama and his elder brother Alfred Abdulai Mahama both knew that Samuel Adam Mahama had not attended the University of Ghana from 6th January, 1992 to 4th November 1994 but nonetheless guaranteed the application verifying the statements contained in the application for the Ghanaian passport. These were all done in furtherance of corruption and corruption related offences”, Mr. Amidu intimated.

He added that “The Special Prosecutor owes that exercise of discretion to his vast experience over the years, his responsibility to maintain national stability and his conscience as a patriotic anti-corruption crusading Ghanaian. There is no question of stupidity or cowardice about it.”

Mr. Amidu also stated that by showing his lack of understanding of security and intelligence, the NDC flagbearer has not worthy of being voted into office

“Any person aspiring to be President of Ghana for a second term who does not know that a cardinal principle in security and intelligence is that “caution is the better part of valour” was not and is not worth the vote”, the former Attorney General added.


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