Chilling account of how Atta Mills, Chairman of Airbus Investigations Committee died under bizzare circumstances


The circumstances surrounding the sudden demise of former President John Evans Atta-Mills remain a mystery that is yet to be resolved in the country.

 The late President John Atta Mills allegedly died at the Osu Castle at the age of 68, just hours after falling ill.

The stories surrounding the death of Atta Mills continues to be shrouded in conspiracy as the then NDC-government held tightly the full medical report of the former president.

Throughout his four years in power, John Mahama, who was vice President to the late President Mills, failed to disclose Coroner’s inquest and necropsy reports of the late President.

With the circumestances surrounding his death still unclear, a close confidant of the revealed some interesting accounts of his death.

According to him (name with-held), linked the death of the death of Prof Mills to the Airbus scandal which the ex-president set up a committee to probe.

“Prof. Mills set up a committee to probe the airbus scandal and put Brig. General Allotey as Chairman of the Committee with Mr. Aboah and George Amoah as members. Just when the Committee started its investigations into the matter, the Chairman of the Committee was poisoned. When he was taken to the hospital, members of his family revealed that he pointed to one key government official at the time as the one who had poisoned him. The Chairman of the Committee died as a result of the poisoning”.

“As a result of the investigations, John Mahama threatened to resign as Vice President but rescinded his decision after key Religious leaders including Duncan Williams spoke to him.”.

“Shortly after that, a close friend of President Mills  who was bent of finding the cause of the death of Prof. Mills also suddenly died under bizzare circumstances on December 5, 2012”, .

Narrating the incidents further, he disclosed that just after assuming the office of the state, John Mahama reshuffled Hon. William Aboah from the Interior Ministry.

 “John Mahama tried to get Cadman Mills and Samuel Atta Mills to get the family head to stop all public enquiries into the death of Atta Mills.  The Family Head Atta-Brew refused to accept the proposal to come public and say the family is not interested in finding out how the late Atta Mills died”.

 “At the right time I will reveal more things that were done nicodemously to conceal the real cause of the death of a man who was so peaceful and had no bad intentions against anyone”

 “I am ready to reveal names of all persons killed under the John Mahama regime and the people who were contracted to commit such murders”, he intimated.

It will be recalled that earlier this year, Lawyers for former President John Mahama reported the Bono Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to the Criminal Investigations Department of the police for alleging that the flag bearer had a hand in the death of the late President  and that he had hired hitmen to kill some members of the governing party.

Interestingly, the lawyers of the former President have not shown any seriousness in pursuing the matter further especially after Abronye threatened to reveal more hidden details about the death of President Mills.


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