“Compassionate Dr. Bawumia”


Compassion is an attribute that beautifies humans and serves as a medium through which society caters for disadvantaged people. This trait is much more prettifying in a leader since it gives the leader the ability to understand the situation of his subjects and evokes the desire to take action to improve their lives. Some past world leaders whilst in government were noted for supporting the cause of underprivileged people in their society whilst in power. President Obama for instance was said to have donated about 1 million USD whilst he was President with about half of the amount going to charities supporting children.

In Ghana, Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has for several years, through his benevolence, etched his name at the top of the list of leaders who have continuously donated to support the lives of people/communities in need. His actions deserve special mention not just because he donates but because the kind of support he gives goes to the core of addressing the challenges faced by those in need. This is notwithstanding the critical role he plays to improve lives in his official capacity as Vice President and Head of the Economic Management Team.

The following are highlights of acts in which Dr. Bawumia typify the noble quality of compassion. It is not an exhaustive list since it is practically impossible to mention all the acts that he has done to positively change the lives of people. It will help the reader to see the true leadership qualities in Dr. Bawumia and serve as a motivational piece for all and sundry to emulate these priceless acts of compassion.

  1. One of the greatest acts of charity that exemplified the true definition of compassion was one captured in a picture of H. E. Dr. Bawumia crouching down to lift an 82 year old cured leper who had almost knelt down on her knees in appreciation. Dr. Bawumia who was touched by the plight of the woman abandoned by her family came to her rescue and built, furnished and handed over a two-bedroom house to her. This kind gesture by Dr. Bawumia captured in the iconic picture of the emotional moments the woman took over the newly built house got a lot of people into tears.
  2. In a show of appreciation to an act of kindness which was hitherto not known to the public, the father of Harisu Boresa who was bedridden told a gathering of how Dr. Bawumia is a life-saver who came to the help of his son. Dr. Bawumia who was in Bole as part of his 2019 Ramadan tour of the Savanna region in his usual humility thanked Allah for the opportunity given him to offer his help and called on people to be each other’s keeper. His support was for the critically ill patient to get an expensive treatment abroad for kidney problems.
  3. On May 31, 2021, Dr. Bawumia donated GH 300,000 to the “Project 100” initiative established by Kokrooko Charities Foundation. This project led by the veteran journalist Kwame Sefa Kayi is aimed at supplying 100 incubators critical to the survival of babies at Neonatal Intensive Care Units in hospitals across the country. The cash amount donated by Dr. Bawumia is estimated to increase the stock of the “Project 100” by 5 incubators and this is a very significant number coming from one individual. These 5 incubators will be at the service of several hundreds of children who need it to survive. Through his donation, several individuals and philanthropist will get enlightened about the project and contribute accordingly.
  4. The plight of street children has been of huge concern globally with efforts made by several governments and non-governmental organizations to curb the menace. In Ghana, the Christ the King Soup Kitchen which is an initiative by the now retired Reverend father Andrew Campbell of the Christ the King Catholic Church is aimed at alleviating the challenges faced by street children. At the fifth anniversary of the Christ the king soup kitchen on January 18, 2021, Dr. Bawumia donated GH 100,000 as part of the seed capital for the construction of the Mother Theresa Soup Kitchen Centre in Osu. As if that was not enough, he offered to sponsor the secondary education of four young boys from the Christ the King Soup Kitchen.
  5. On April 18, 2021, the headline “Doctor withdraws notice to leave health centre after Bawumia donated equipment and supplies” dominated Ghanaian online media portals. The doctor, Dr Yidana Kolbugri who is the only doctor at the Kpasenkpe Community Health Centre and would have been the 6th doctor to leave the facility, was frustrated by the lack of basic healthcare equipment and medical supplies at the health facility to treat patients. He therefore threatened to withdraw his service from the community if the facility was not equipped immediately. Dr. Bawumia in another display of compassion for the people of the community stepped in to provide the critical medical equipment. This kind gesture was reason enough to cause the Doctor to rescind his decision of leaving the community. The noble chief of Kpasenkpe Professor Nabila who was full of praise for Dr. Bawumia could not hide his joy and that of his community when he presented the items to the facility.
  6. In October 2020 when floods ravaged lives and property in the North-East region, Dr. Bawumia touring the region donated GH 100,000 together with food items to the victims of the disaster. His donation was very timely for the people affected and they commended him for assisting them in their difficult moments.

The above are only a few of the many instances where Dr. Bawumia exemplified true leadership qualities. He, through his benevolent actions, serves as a role model for all of us to emulate. His actions also highlight his continuous desire to see the better side of his citizens and this is clear testimony that he will be a great leader of the country God willing. We pray that Almighty God blesses him abundantly and grant him a higher rank to continue serving his people with compassion and humility.

Thank you

Written by:
Dr. Issah Imoro


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