Don’t make a mistake of bringing NDC back to power – Rawlings’ last wish


A video of late Former President Jerry John Rawlings admonishing Ghanaians not to make a mistake of returning the NDC to power has suddenly emerged. 

In the video which was posted on Facebook by NDC communicator Dela Coffie, the former President described the NDC as the actual thieves and added that they want to return to power to steal more. 

The Founder of the NDC also singled out President Akufo-Addo for praise, saying he has never stolen from the people.

Here is a transcript of what the late NDC founder said in Ewe:

“Political power mostly is used to rape the state. To steal and appropriate state resources. 

Occasionally when I heap praises on this President (Nana Akufo-Addo) then my own people are agitated. As if I don’t know what I am about. As if I am overdoing it. But the truth is he’s better than the previous ones. 

He has never stolen state lands.

The ones that came before him, Kufuor, Mahama have all raped the state.

It is the truth. I know God too. I have experienced God and I know what God has done for me in my life. One day, you’ll read about all that in my book.

Look at what they(NDC) did to Martin Amidu in parliament during his vetting. Look at the stuff they did to him. 

Comrades, if we say we are followers of Jesus Christ, then we must speak the truth. We have to speak truth to power. Let’s drum the truth home to them. 

We must stop worshipping the thieves and the corrupt people. 

It matters not if the person is one of us or an Akan or Dagomba or from Tamale; let’s speak truth to power. 

They’ve stolen enough and they’re teaming up to come back to consolidate their hold on power. 

The thieves are in the opposition and they’re in our midst. Both Kufuor and Mahama have created a network and they have stolen a lot. They’re still teaming up to return to continue the stealing. 

We don’t have to make another mistake of bringing them back. 

Don’t give the real thieves the chance to return.”


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