€5million Airbus bribe cash could have built 200 Secondary Schools across the country


In the wake of the former Special Prosecutor’s recent revelation that ex- President John Mahama is Government Official One in the Airbus bribery scandal, there’s been an assessment of the amounts involved.

The NDC flag bearer and some of his relatives were allegedly implicated in an investigation into the corruption scandal that has shock European aeronautics giant Airbus.

Detailed judicial records made public on 31 January by the British and American authorities, which Airbus acknowledges to be true, explicitly implicates the former president and members of his family.

Ex-president Mahama is alleged to have received an amount of €5million, an amount which can build about 200 Secondary Schools across the country.

Indeed the amount which is an equivalent of GHc34 million could have built schools and hospitals across the country.

According to the US Department of Justice report, Government Official One was influential in having the then government of Ghana approve aircraft purchases and Government Official One also contacted Airbus senior executives during the government approval process.

Again it was mentioned in the DOJ report In 2011, during Government Official One time in office, the Ghanaian Parliament approved the purchase of C-295 aircraft.


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