Election Violence: Watch disturbing video of NDC Vigilantes firing gun shots


The National Democratic Congress(NDC) appears set to unleash violence at its strongholds after a very disturbing video has emerged showing NDC vigilantes firing warning shots into the air.

After a health walk organized by the NDC and its parliamentary candidate for Keta Dzudzorli Kwame Gakpey, NDC thugs dressed in all-black khaki outfits with NDC colours were seen firing 24 times into the air.

Using sophisticated guns including pump action rifles and pistols, the  heavily built paramilitary men were clearly practicing drills in the presence of other NDC supporters including children.

With a day to the General elections, State security agencies have ben injecting calm while also warning of dire consequences for those who would cause disruptions at during the elections.

Ahead of the polls, IGP James Oppong-Boanuh advised persons going to the polling station should act within the confines of the electoral laws and should not be seen in possession of any offensive weapons.

Over 40,000 Security Personnel have been deployed across the country to ensure law and order during the December 7 General Election.

The number comprise the Police, Ghana Immigration Service, Ghana National Fire Service, Bureau of National Investigations, Prisons and some personnel from the military , among other security services, with the mandate to ensure peaceful election.

The government has  also deployed military presence in most vulnerable places to prevent violence, terror attacks, prevent party vigilantes from engaging in intimidation or threatening electoral officials.

Watch the video here:


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