Exposed: Ovation Magazine owner caught spreading fake news in Ghana


The Owner and Publisher of Ovation Magazine, Chief Dele Momodu has been caught indulging in dirty politics by spreading fake news in Ghana.

The former Nigerian Presidential candidate was a supporter and campaigner for then President John Dramani Mahama before the 2016 Presidential Elections.

He however turned around after the Elections and confessed in an interview with Starr FM that he knew deep down that retaining the power will be a herculean task for John Mahama and the NDC.

As part of his PR Works for the NDC Flagbearer in 2016, Dele Momodu invited Nigerian Movie actor Nkem Owoh, popularly known in the showbiz world as Osuofia to campaign for John Mahama.

This situation did not go down well with many supporters of the NDC and caused disaffection for the former President as many believe the Nigerian movie actor was paid hefty amounts to campaign for Mahama.

With the 2016 Elections coming up, Chief Dele MOmodu has surfaced again and is resorting to the use of fake news and lies to exhibit his support once again for John Mahama.

In an instagram post, he posted an edited picture of three people protesting on the lack of basic amenities in Nigeria by posing in a flooded road and gave the impression that the picture was taken in Ghana.

Dele Momodu shamelessly edited the picture with the words “Year of Roads Indeed. Fellow Ghanaians” and posted on Instagram with the caption, “This is powerful”.

This shows the level of desperation of the opposition party with a key PR strategist of the former president now resorting to using fake news and engaging in a campaign of lies.

Here is the original post and the fake one by Chief Dele Momodu:


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