Green book inaccuracies exposes NDC’s dishonest manifesto


The NDC’s 2020 Manifesto has largely been considered as an insincere and dishonest document aimed at hoodwinking Ghanaians just as it did with the party’s “Greenbook” in 2016.

NDC flagbearer John Mahama and his party’s record of not being forthright with facts and his record in government has thrown Ghanaians into doubt over their 2020 Manifesto has been subjected scrutiny as a result of the NDC’s lack forthrightness when it comes its record in government.

The Party’s manifesto indeed can be likened to the famous “Greenbook” which was filled with many artistic impression images and unrealized developmental achievements when they were in power before the 2016 Elections.  

Similarly, a critical examination of the NDC’s “Peoples Manifesto” depicts a complete departure from reality and an attempt to exploit the ingnorance of a section of unsuspecting Ghanaians.

This clearly exposes the apparent lies the former President and the NDC keeps telling the electorate in his desperate efforts to win their mandate.

Ahead of the 2016 elections, the NDC claimed to have eliminated over 1,700 schools under trees as one of the topmost achievements of their government.

However after being challenged by to publish the entire list and locations of the 1,700 schools under trees it claimed to have eliminated, they backtracked and even the first batch of the supposed schools were fraught with inaccuracies.

The authenticity of the NDC government’s first list was called into serious question by the Presbyterian Church of Ghana many of the schools on the list had never been schools under trees.

According to the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, its basic schools on the NDC government’s published list of schools eliminated under trees were never under trees, citing the Osu Presby Boys Primary, Osu Presby Girls Primary/JHS and Osu Salem ‘5’ Primary as examples.

Speaking to Citi News at the time, the District Minister of the Osu Ebenezer Presbyterian Church, Reverend Dr Nana Opare Kwakye, explained that government only offered to renovate the schools, which were not under trees, insisting that the schools had classrooms for a very long time.

“It was an existing building, not a school under a tree. Government only helped to refurbish the building by re-roofing and changing door locks,” he explained, adding: “The Osu Presby Cluster of Schools are very old schools and most of the people in the church and community have come from that school, so these are not schools under trees.”

A retired educationist and a catechist in the Kwahu Mpraeso District of the Presbyterian Church, SD Amankwa, yesterday told the New Statesman none of the Presby Schools on the list were schools under trees.

“The Presby Church never established a school under tree; we always made sure buildings were available. For instance, the list includes Kwahu Jejeti Presby Primary, but I can tell you that school which was established in 1951 had never been a school under tree. The government only put up a new building for the primary section, which is a basic duty of every government in power, because the building was old, but I can tell you we still use the old building for our church activities,” Mr Amankwa stated.

Other schools on the list which were not under trees are: Kwahu Jejeti Presby Primary, Asuboni Railways [Presby Primary], both in the Kwahu West District; Asakraka Presby Primary and Bepong Presby Primary, both in the Kwahu South District; and Rev Fr Lamaire Primary and St Anne’s Primary in the New Juaben Municipality.

The rest are Sunyani Baohenkorkor School, Abesim Methodist Primary (this reporter was once a teacher at the JHS), both in the Sunyani Municipality; and Chiraa Islamic Primary and Chiraa Methodist Primary in the Sunyani West District.

This goes to show the extent to which the NDC can go just to deceive Ghanaians in their quest to win political power.

It therefore gives reason to the believe that going into the December 7 elections, the NDC is again on a mission to engage in another campaign of dishonesty and misled Ghanaians.  


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