John Dumelo calls for violence on December 7


With the elections nearing, political parties and other key stakeholders have preached peace to ease the tension surrounding the upcoming polls.

Movie actor turn NDC parliamentary candidate for Ayawaso West Wuogon revealed that his party will not spare anyone who plans on rigging the upcoming December elections.

Addressing a group of NDC supporters at a rally at an unknown location, Mr Dumelo alleged that he’s aware his contenders and their supporters are planning on rigging the elections.

He added that as his political opponents are plotting to not allow the elections to be transparent, his party is ready to beat them up to the pulp when caught.

“Let’s be vigilant. We know they want to rig the elections but they’ll be caught and when they are caught, we’ll beat them up because this time around, we won’t let it go easily. We’ll beat you up and ignore the saying that let’s give it to God,” Mr Dumelo said.

Dumelo, therefore, advised NDC supporters to watch keenly the electoral proceedings, as well as stay, woke to apprehend electoral anyone who attempts to rig the elections.

Watch a video recording of John Dumelo’s outburst:


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