John Mahama exposed by his own words


It has emerged that the NDC Flagbearer John Mahama may be attempting to hoodwink Ghanaians after outlining a long list of promises in the NDC Manifesto which was launched on Monday evening.

According to the NDC’s 2020 Campaign Manifesto, the NDC would pay all customers of the collapsed financial institutions, absorb 50% of fees of tertiary students, construct regional hospitals in the newly-created regions, legalise the okada business amongst  litany of promises.

However, Ex-president Mahama is on record to have stated publicly that politicians only make promises with the intention to deceive the public for political power.

“when its time for elections all political parties come to you with our messages. So we resort to saying anything that can help us get power. Sometimes we have to lie to convince the public to vote for us.

“Sometimes we know the truth but we tend to spew lies”, the Ex-president stated in an address to members of the NDC.

With these previous comments, Ghanaians are wondering if the NDC Manifesto which was launched by John Mahama on Monday is another pack of lies aimed at deceiving the public into voting the NDC back into office.

The former President’s own credibility and reliability has been questioned as many doubt his ability to deliver on the campaign promises.

Below is a video of the John Mahama’s comments on hoodwinking Ghanaians for political power:


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