Mahama caught in another lie over promise to construct 200 Community Day Schools


Former President John Mahama has repeatedly lied about his party’s record in government when it comes to the Education sector and his latest promise to complete 200 Community Day Schools has been flagged as another one of his repackaged deceptions.

After failing to deliver the 200 Community Day Schools he promised to construct during his four years tenure in office as President, the NDC Flagbearer is once again seeking to swindle unsuspecting Ghanaians with the same pack of lies.

Mr. Mahama, who served as Vice President and later as President during the NDC’s eight year tenure in office, promised to construct 200 community day senior high schools in each district in the country to enhance access to secondary education.

Speaking at a TEIN rally at the University of Ghana in 2014, the ex-president indicated that each of the 200 community day senior high schools will consist of two-story twelve unit classroom blocks, another six unit classroom block to serve as a computer laboratory, library and staff common room and a teachers’ bungalow.

He added that each of the 200 projects would cost 1 million dollars and was expected to be completed by 2015.

After completing just about 40 Coummunity Day schools, it is interesting to note that the NDC has repeated this promise in its 2020 Manifesto and former President Mahama is on record to have said that he will not only complete all the remaining 200 community day schools, the NDC will build additional ones at the high-density urban communities including the Zongos.

This earned him some criticism from a section of the public for his blatant dishonesty and attempt to sway voters with another lie.

“It is sad and an unquantifiable shame that the NDC has never ceased to disappoint with its unbelievable bravado to always disregard, disrespect, and intimidate the educational framework of Ghana, purposely to score undeserving political capital and votes”, Prof. Ismail Lannah of the Ghana Education watch said in reaction to the NDC’s promise.

He added that:” Former President Mahama should be apologising for putting Ghanaians on the wheels of deception and false pretence as a result of a monumental failure to construct the 200 community day senior high schools”.

“According to his government’s budget in November 2014, funds were made available for the completion of 200 schools in addition to some 23 others sponsored by the World Bank so why were the projects not be completed”.

“Ghanaians should not allow ourselves to be deceived again and the Ex-president should spare us the same repackaged lies”, he concluded.


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