Mahama is responsible for the death of Rawlings – Prophet Ansah-Woode


Prophet Anthony Ansah Woode has made an emphatic declaration that seems to place the 2020 presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress at the centre of the death of its Founder, the late President Jerry John Rawlings. 

Speaking at the Sunday Service on November 22, 2020, Prophet Ansah Woode told his congregation that he had a vision in the morning of the death of the former President, which caused him to be greatly disturbed. 

He narrated that he did not know what the vision was about but felt it very strongly in his spirit that there was a dark cloud over Ghana, which signified mourning.

The renowned prophet said that immediately he was told of the death of former President Rawlings, he knew that it had something to do with the former President. 

He told his congregation that he commenced a three-day fast and prayer and that on the third day, many things concerning the death of the former President were revealed to him in a dream. 

Prophe Ansah Woode told his congregation that former President Mahama was engaged in some deep spiritual sorcery and that the death of Vice President Amissah-Arthur and former President Rawlings were linked. 

He revealed that some people had been brought from Benin in February 2018 to advise former President Mahama on how to win back power from the current president, Nana Akufo-Addo. 

The people from Benin informed Mahama that his return to the seat of power will require the ultimate sacrifice of two powerful persons in Ghana, one of whom must be a previous occupant of the seat he wants to occupy. 

Mahama was told that both persons had a spiritual covering and that to reach them, he would have to eliminate the spiritual covering.

On December 31, 2017, a renowned Methodist priest and good friend of the late Vice President Amissah-Arthur, who was also his good friend, was eliminated under mysterious circumstances after he discovered several things which he shared with his good friend, the late Vice President. 

This paved the way for the elimination of the late Vice President. Once the late Vice President had paid the ultimate sacrifice, Mahama could easily become the presidential candidate of the NDC.

Former President Rawlings’ spiritual covering was his mother she was the strong woman spiritually and it was difficult getting through to her. 

That explains why after many years, former President Rawlings was still untouchable. 

However, after his trip to Nigeria in September 2020, Mahama was assured that the mother of Rawlings would be removed. Thus, her sudden and unexpected death. 

Once she was out of the way, Rawlings could now be removed easily, which occurred on November 12, 2020. 

NDC flag bearer  Mahama could not attend the funeral of the mother of Rawlings and it was when she had been buried that he showed up at Dzelukope.

The Spitual Head of the God’s Way Ministries International explained that it was revealed to him that there was one more thing for Mahama to do for the sacrifice to be complete and that he was told in the dream to warn Mahama that if he ever dares to do that he will be struck down because the President is an anointed man with a clean heart and mind. 

He told his congregation that National Security must guard the body of former President Rawlings very diligently because the NDC and Mahama are after tongue of the former President. 

The men from Benin told Mahama that because former President Rawlings signed the Constitution of the NDC with his blood, he still has a say in the NDC in the spiritual realms and that because former President Rawlings knows what Mahama has done, it is important to cut the tongue of the former President to prevent him from having a say in the spiritual realm.

The celebrated prophet charged his congregation to pray for Ghana to have a peaceful election and to pray for the President. 

He also asked his congregation to pray for the forgiveness of Mahama.


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