Mahama subtly jabs Yoo Naa and Mion-Lana at Yaa Na’s Palace


Former President John Dramani Mahama has delivered a thinly-veiled jab at people he claimed tried to prevent the Ya Na from ascending the skin of his Kingdom.

In a rather shocking address which many believe has the potential of stirring acrimony and tension in Dagbon, former President Mahama told Ya Na Abubakari II that he knew some people who tried to prevent the Yana from being the King.

“As you sit on the skins of Dagbon, God had decreed and destined that one day you’ll be the King of Dagbon.
As a person who was personally involved in the peace process of Dagbon, I knew the things that happened; to try to prevent it from happening; you climbing this skin today,” the former President said, in comments some social media users have described as unnecessary a divisive.

The former President continued that God had destined that the Ya Na would be the King of Dagbon so those who didn’t want him failed in their bid.

With reported tension from the opposing camps of the Yoo-Naa and Mion-Lana characterising the enskinment of the Ya Na, observers who are well abreast with Dagbon chieftaincu issues believe the former President was subtly referring to the two gates.

After over ten years of chaos and tension, stakeholders in Dagbon’s chieftaincy crisis finally gave peace a chance, with the highlight being the colourful enskinment of a new Ya Na last year.

As the Dagbon State continues to enjoy their widely-commended reconciliation and peace, many social media users have questioned the motive of former President Mahama to resurrect a burried matter right in front of the Ya Na.


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