NDC Constituency Chairman exposes Alhaji Said Sinare’s plans to promote violence in Northern Ghana


Alhaji Said Sinare, National Vice-Chairman of the National Democratic Congress is under investigations over accusations leveled against him by the NDC constituency chairman of Ayawaso North in connection with some gun supply for chaos in the December polls.

Alhaji Said Sinare has on the back of the accusations run to the leadership of the party to consider disciplinary actions against Tahiru Ahmed, the NDC constituency chairman of Ayawaso North.

The National Vice-Chair believes Tahiru Ahmed is largely working against the interest of the party after he lodged a complaint against him( Sinare) at the Greater Accra Regional Police Command asking the Police to investigate him over allegations of supplying guns to him for mayhem in the upcoming December elections.

In a letter dated October 27, 2020, and addressed to the Party Chairman Alhaji Sinare said: “According to his accusations filed with the police and the AK 47 gun produced, I gave him those guns to be used in the Northern Region during the national elections on the 7th December, 2020 to intimidate NPP voters.

Alhaji Said Sinare in his formal complaint to the party thus said: “It is my prayer that disciplinary procedures are immediately initiated against him and excluded from party strategies.”

The two, according to reports had a working relationship for the past eight (8) years until last month when they separated over suspicions that Tahiru was a mole for the ruling NPP party.


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