NDC import fake ink to be used to spoil ballots at NPP strongholds


A ploy by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to swap the Electoral Commission’s ink with a fake one has been uncovered. 

According to insiders, the NDC intends to swap  the ink at NPP strongholds with the intention of spoiling or staining thumb-printed ballots. 

Large quantities of fake ink has been discovered in a deserted warehouse within Accra where the NDC has been secretly dispatching the fake ink to the Ashanti region and other regions where they consider as NPP strongholds. 

An NPP official who was in the company of police personnel who discovered this ploy warned party agents to be vigilant in their respective polling stations. 

“Our party agents must be vigilant and look out for NDC people who will try to sneak these fake ink into the voting booth and swap it.”

“We must report such people immediately to the security and we are calling on the police to arrest and prosecute them”, the NPP official intimated. 


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