NPP are better managers of the economy – UG survey reveals


Ahead of the 2020 General Elections, Ghanaians have said that the Free Senior High School policy is the one that resonates well and would determine their vote on December 7.

According to a survey conducted by the Political Science Department of the University of Ghana revealed that 62.2% of the respondents believe the Free SHS policy would influence their decision on Election Day.

An analysis of the research revealed that the 2020 Elections would be contested on policy-based issues and implementable policies from the two leading political parties.

For majority of the respondents, their choice would be for a candidate who has the capacity to carry through with transformational policies and it comes as no surprise that about 7429 out of the 11949 respondents said the NPP’s Free SHS program offers hope to their future aspirations.

The research further reveals that majority of Ghanaian voters believe in the policies and programs being implemented by the incumbent government (61.7%) with only 26.8%  expressed lack of faith in the government’s policies.

The voters who expressed satisfaction with the management of the economy by the NPP government believe that the signs are showing that the economy is bouning back after it suffered some turbulence due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Overall, 65.1% of the respondents rated the government’s management of the economy above the mean score – for instance, (19.3%), (24.1%) and (21.7%) of the voters said that the performance of the government with respect to the economy is excellent, very good and good respectively .


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