Socrates Safo advises celebrities to respect the President


Movie Producer, Socrate Safo has slammed actress Yvonne Nelson and other Ghanaian celebrities who, sort of, mounted pressure on the President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to make a statement on the brutalities in neighbouring Nigeria that has claimed numerous lives as a result of recent protests in the country.

For about two weeks now, the Nigerians have embarked on continuous street protests against police brutalities in the country.

The protest, which began as peaceful, turned bloody when thugs and security personnel fired gunshots at the civilian protesters.

Although the Nigerian government has refuted claims that some citizens have been killed in the protest, the situation in Nigeria has however attracted the attention of the world.

#EndSars, #endpolicebrutalities among others have become the trending hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.

Ghanaian celebrities like Yvonne Nelson, Lydia Forson and Nana Aba Anamoah among others took to their social media handles and called on the President to intervene in the Nigerian situation in his capacity as ECOWAS Chairman and an African leader.

Yvonne Nelson tweeted; ”Our President must show leadership on this matter else he becomes complicit in the senseless killing of innocent and defenseless protesters @NAkufoAddo”.

Socrate Safo, speaking on Okay FM’s ”Best Entertainment”, fired salvoes at Yvonne Nelson and co-celebrities over their tweets to the President.

He questioned the logic in particularly Yvonne Nelson’s tweet.

Responding to why President Akufo-Addo delayed in releasing an official statement on the Nigerian situation, he stressed any sensible leader doesn’t talk by heart”.

In his view, the President as Head of ECOWAS and Ghana doesn’t jump on the bandwagon but rather takes his time to assess things before he makes official statements.

”There is something called diplomacy. In diplomacy, you don’t talk by heart in public…Presidency, they use common sense. They study the terrain. They sniff. They have people who do all this, who advise.”

He warned Yvonne Nelson and her ilk to resist the temptation to become familiar with the President, stating emphatically ”familiarity breeds contempt”.

The movie producer further advised these celebrities to accord the President maximum respect as Head of State and an elderly person, adding that they need to be mindful of their utterances when speaking to and about the President.

”Do you know what leadership means?

”They’re excited to talk. There is a difference between condemning something as a celebrity and the difference between calling on the President to talk. The excitement is not about the fact that we’re condemning what is going on but the excitement aspect is having the guts that you’re taking the advantage of the freedom you have to call on your President like he’s your child, that he should go and talk”, he advised.


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