Tell Ghanaians the wrongs of the past and how you will correct them – Asantehene to Mahama


The Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has asked former President Mahama to conduct a deep introspection on why he was voted out as President and tell Ghanaians what new he is bringing on board.

Mahama, who is seeking a comeback nearly four years after he was voted out of office, introduced his running mate, Prof. Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang to the Asantehene earlier today at the Manhyia Palace in Kumasi.

Addressing the former President, the Asantehene said, he is reiterating his advice to former President Mahama that as he seeks a comeback, it is important for him to tell Ghanaians the mistakes of the past and how he has corrected those mistakes to warrant a second chance.

“You have been a President before and you want to return again as President. I have spoken to you a lot and I have said that if you want to come back, let Ghanaians know what went wrong yesterday. Also let Ghanaians know that the mistakes won’t be repeated,” the Asantehene said in twi.

“When you lost the election, I said that Ghanaians voted against you out of disappointment and anger.”

“And when you were re-elected as flagbearer and you informed me, I asked you whether you have looked at your mistakes in the past and how you can convince Ghanaians how you will correct those mistakes.”

Otumfuo Osei Tutu said that just as he former President Mahama wants to make a comback, so does the sitting President Nana Akufo-Addo also wants to be re-elected for four more years, hence his tour around the country to account for what he has done so far in the past three years.

“The sitting President, Nana Akufo-Addo wants to be re elected for another 4 years and he has been going round explaining to Ghanaians what he has done.”

“You have just told me what you did when you were President, and what you want to do if you get another chance.”

“What you have to do is to tell Ghanaians the wrongs of the past and how you will correct those wongs.”

Campaign of issues

The Asantehene urged the two leading contenders to focus on campaign of issues to Ghanaians and leave the people to be the best judges.

“The current President is telling Ghanaians what he has done in the past three and half years. That they have done better than you and they should be given another term of office.”

“Everybody should talk about what they have done and what they will do. What you did in the past and what you will do in the future should be told, and the Ghanaian people will be the best judges.”

The Asantehene called for a peaceful campaign and election process and adviced against acts of violence.

“We want a peaceful election and nobody should initiate violence. Just make your points well and Ghanaians will be the best judges. It’s all about issues.”


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