YEA denies reaching agreement with GFA


The Youth Employment Agency (YEA) has denied reaching an agreement with the Ghana Football Association to pay salaries to players of Women’s Premier League clubs in the country.

The Ghana Football Association last week announced it has reached a concensus with the YEA for 500 players and other individuals to be paid monthly allowance of 500 Cedis each per month for the next 6 months.

But a source close to the Chief Executive Officer of the YEA, Lawyer Justin Kodua Frempong, has expressed surprise at the announcement by the GFA, insisting no such agreement has been finalised.

“It is a proposal that we are still discussing. No decision has been taken,” the highly-placed source close to the CEO said.

The source expressed surprise why the GFA would make such a bold, definite public announcement when the two parties were still discussing the proposal and no decision has been taken.

Asked what will happen next, the source said the proposal is currently on hold.

Despite the GFA’s claim, there has been no word from the YEA, which has a policy of making all interventions public through the media and through its own website.

This lends credence to the highly-placed source that the YEA is unaware of the agreement the GFA has publicly announced.

The Youth Employment Agency (YEA) was established under the Youth Employment Act 2015 (Act 887) to empower young people to contribute meaningfully to the socio-economic and sustainable development of the nation.

Its objective is to support the youth between the ages of 15 to 35 years through skills training and internship modules to transit from a situation of unemployment to that of employment.


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